CombiLine™ WU

In applications where a high pumping speed is required, the HenaLine series pumps can be combined with the OktaLine series roots pumps in a modular design with numerous options.

Product description

  • Designed for reliability, performance and easy maintenance
  • High pumping speed for fast evacuation times from 230 up to 1,900 m3/h
  • Higher pumping speeds on request

Customer value

  • OktaLine series roots pumps are combined with HenaLine series single-stage rotary vane pumps
  • Mounted and piped together on a robust common frame
  • Optionally, each pumping unit is also available with a control cabinet and PLC
Type designation Connection nominal diameter (in) Pumping speed at 1 hPa, 50 Hz Pumping speed at 1 hPa, 60 Hz Mains connection: power consumption Part number
CombiLine WU 232 2.75kW PPS22100
CombiLine WU 412 4.2kW PPS22101
CombiLine WU 942 10.5kW PPS22103
CombiLine WU 1902 19kW PPS22104
CombiLine WU 242 240m³/h 300m³/h 3.45kW PPS22500
CombiLine WU 452 450m³/h 540m³/h 7kW PPS22501
CombiLine WU 802 660m³/h 700m³/h 5.7kW PPS22502
CombiLine WU 912 910m³/h 1100m³/h 8.5kW PPS22503
CombiLine WU 1801 1700m³/h 1950m³/h 16.5kW PPS22504
CombiLine WU 3501 3500m³/h 4000m³/h 26kW PPS22505
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