ACG 600 G

Based on the multi-stage Roots technology, the ACG 600 G is the result of over 20 years of experience in manufacturing dry vacuum pumping solutions. ACG 600 G pumping groups provide all the benefits of clean and dry vacuum whenever particulate or oil contamination is an issue. A specific version is also available for the pump down of large chamber volumes > 1 m3.


  • Glass coating
  • Other coaters
  • General R&D applications
  • Cylinder evacuation
  • Foreline pumping of Roots pumps
  • Freeze drying
  • Leak detection systems

Customer value

  • Cleanliness: No risk of particulate contamination due to frictionless and oil-free pumping module
  • High performance: High pumping speed, low power consumption, low ultimate pressure, resistant to harsh cycling
  • High reliability: Based on multi-stage Roots technology, resulting in optimum up-time
  • Extended life time between maintenance: Typical four years interval between complete overhaul on clean applications, simple bearing replacement

Product description

  • For higher pumping speed requirement, the ACG 600 G pumping group combines the ACP 120 G dry pump with a Roots pump 600 m3/h
  • High pumping speed 560 m3/h
  • Equipped with a purge gas port for slightly corrosive processes or for pumping down condensable media
  • Optional large volume option


ACG 600 G (Gas ballast) version

ACG 600 G version is suitable for pumping traces of corrosive or condensable gases.
  • Water cooled
  • Integrated Nitrogen gas ballast to protect the pump from corrosive or condensable gases
  • NW 100 inlet flange
  • Optional large volume version
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